Scheduler Does Not Start Overdue Jobs in Sequence
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Scheduler Does Not Start Overdue Jobs in Sequence


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We have scheduled three jobs in sequence, but the scheduler started the third job scheduled to run in second place after the first job ran past the second and third scheduled jobs' scheduled start times. We also have incompatible jobs constraints set across all three of these jobs, as required. According to our intuitive expectation, the scheduler should run jobs in scheduled order even when some of the jobs are overdue and run past the start time of successive scheduled jobs.


Please explain why the scheduler is not behaving as expected under the circumstances described above?




All currently GA releases of CA PPM (On Premise and On Demand)


Overdue jobs will not run in order of most overdue to least overdue. It's a 'first come first served' situation based on database results, and unless there are constraints on jobs not being able to run concurrently this will continue until all available job slots have been filled. 

In case the jobs do have constraints preventing them from running concurrently, and more than one is overdue, then the order that the jobs are run is pseudo-random as to which would be picked up first. 

To request that the job selection procedure be changed would need an Idea/Enhancement to be posted.


Community experts are aware of this product behavior and the ways it might be overcome. One such way, depending upon the ability to schedule the jobs/parameters as desired this way, would be to use a process with successive steps to schedule/execute each job in turn: 

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