Is there a way to be notified via email when PacketShaper reboots?


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You can create a script (command file) that can send you an email notification when the PacketShaper reboots.


The procedure is as follows:

1) Configure an SMTP Server.  Configure the PacketShaper to communicate with an SMTP server.

2) Create a Command File.  Create a command file through PacketShaper's file browser.  The file should be created in the root of the flash, 9.256/, and must be named startup.cmd. Immediately after startup (reboot), PacketShaper will execute the commands included in the startup.cmd file. For email notification, you just need one command: send email. For example:

send email [email protected] "PacketShaper reboot alert"  "PacketShaper has rebooted."

(Note: A carriage return must be included at the end of the line.)