Is it recommended to put a partition on the default bucket?
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Is it recommended to put a partition on the default bucket?


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The Inbound/Default and Outbound/Default classes tend to get a lot of traffic.

Does it make sense to create a partition for these classes to contain them?


Normally not, as you may drop traffic that is important to the network. Instead, turn on Top Talkers and Top Listeners to see what traffic is in the Inbound/Default and Outbound/Default classes. Then you can see if it is important traffic.

Depending on the nature of the traffic, you may decide to create classes from the Top Talker or Top Listener list and put a partition on these classes.

For more information about Top Talkers, see Track Hosts that Generate the Most Traffic in PacketGuide.

If you want to monitor the amount of traffic that gets classified into Inbound/Default and Outbound/Default and automatically get notified when it exceeds a certain percentage of all traffic in a specific time interval, you can use the adaptive response Default Traffic agents. For step-by-step instructions on using these agents, see Create Default Traffic Agents in PacketGuide.