IntelligenceCenter Archived Report shows "There are no records for this table"


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A couple of days after installation, I scheduled a TCP Health report to run. When I view the report in the archive, it shows no data. However, when I run the report in real-time, it shows data.


The reason that the archived report shows no data is that it was scheduled to run before the selected time period of data had been collected. For example, if you run a "Year" report before IntelligenceCenter has been running for a year, there will not yet be any data in the Yearly table of the DataCollector database. However, if you run the report after IC has been running for a year, the DC will have the appropriate data and be able to generate the Yearly report.

When you schedule a report you can select from "Custom", "Day", "Week", "Month" and "Year." When scheduling a report, be sure to pick a time range that is within the installation range of IC. If your selected "Year" and schedule the report on September 9, 2010 24:00. The start date will be September 9, 2009 24:00 and end date is September 9, 2010 24:00. Make sure you have sufficient data to avoid getting  the "There are no records for this table" error in the generated report.