Migration of server
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Migration of server


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We are planning to migrate our our SCM server software to another server machine, and this will cause the name of the broker to change. The recommended procedure for those developers who have created a workspace in SCM Workbench or Eclipse that is tied to the old broker is to make a new connection to the new broker, create a new workspace and add all their project folders to the new workspace again.  Their concern is the time and effort it will take to do a fresh check out of every file in every folder in their work area in order to establish the new workspace.

After moving the SCM Broker to a new machine, and changing the broker name, is there an easy way to change the broker name in an existing workspace in SCM Workbench and in Eclipse?


Harvest-Software Change Manager v12.5 and up


The name of the broker is found in many different files within the workspace, and many of these files could not safely be altered to change the broker name. We know that creating a new workspace will cause an inconvenience for your users but it cannot be avoided. Once their new workspace is established they should have no further problems.

The recommended procedure for them would be to:

1. Before the migration of the SCM Server happens, they should make sure that all their current work is checked in to the Harvest repository.
2. After the migration, they should rename their workspace folder, open Workbench or Eclipse, and create a new workspace connected to the new broker name.
3. Add the needed projects to their new workspace.
4. After this, if needed they can use a folder comparison tool like Winmerge or BeyondCompare to compare the old workspace with the new one to assure that everything is up to date.