I need to RMA a device assigned to IntelligenceCenter (IC)
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I need to RMA a device assigned to IntelligenceCenter (IC)


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When a device needs to be RMAed and the same IP address is going to be used, the device object for this IP address must be deleted from IntelligenceCenter (IC) “before powering off the unit”.

If the new unit (assigned with same IP address) is assigned to IC without first deleting the old object ID for that faulty unit, the data store for that unit will not be available for reporting and the new unit will not report correctly. The reason for this is IC expects to see the same serial number, MAC and host ID information for the faulty device host IP address. If the data stored in IC does not match to the new device, the database will reject that host entirely and reports for this host IP will not be accessible even though the data remains in the database.
To prevent these report errors, first delete the object from IC, next power off the faulty device and lastly, power up the new device. Once the new device is inline, the reports will continue to work as expected.

If the device has already been RMA'd without first deleting the object from IC, you can manually edit the Device ID using PGPAdmin. Please do the following:


WARNING: Use fo PGPAdmin is a dangerous task. if you do not know precisely what you are doing, consider contacting Blue Coat Technical Support.


 Here are steps for changing the serial number :


1.       Connect to collector DB with pgadmin

2.       Password is postgres

3.       Click on metrics schema and go to tables

4.       Click on devices table. Right click and select view all data

5.       Delete the  -s (or -r or any other value)  in the serial column of the PacketShaper which has been rebranded

6.       Save the changes by clicking on refresh button on the page which comes after step 4

7.       Restart the collector service