Importing certificates from a different certificate authority on PacketShaper


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You want to load an external Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to be used when accessing the PacketWise browser interface with a secure connection using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).


Starting in PacketWise version 9.2.6, PacketShaper is able to import the external certificates for HTTPS access.

Follow the steps below to load an HTTPS certificate:

  1. Upload the certificate file to the 9.258/ directory on your PacketShaper via FTP or a web browser User Interface.
  2. Once the certificate file has been uploaded, access the Command Line Interface (CLI).
  3. Enter the following command to change to the 9.258/ directory:
    cd 9.258/
  4.  Enter the following command to load the desired certificate:
    setup https load <cert_file> [<key_file>]

    Note: <cert_file> is the certificate file name that contains the certificate (may also include the private key) and [<key_file>] is file name of the RSA private key.  If the certificate file includes the private key, then it is not necessary to include the [<key_file>] in the command. 

Note: This command is only available on the Legacy PacketShapers beginning with version 9.2.6.  This command is not available on the PacketShaper S-series (i.e. software version 11.x.x)