How to define a user agent for Internet Explorer 11 in the VPM


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The Visual Policy Manager (VPM) does not have a Source object for a Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 user agent. To specify Internet Explorer as a source object, create a custom object:

  1. In the ProxySG Management Console, launch the VPM (Configuration > Policy > Visual Policy Manager > Launch). 
  2. In any layer with a source column (Web Authentication, for example) create a new rule. 
  3. Right click the Any field in the Source column of the new rule. 
  4. Click Set and then click New
  5. Click Request Header
  6. Enter a name for the header. 
  7. Select User-Agent from the Header Name menu. 
  8. Type "rv:11.0" (without the quotation marks) in the Header Regex field. 
  9. Click OK

You can use the Internet Explorer 11 user agent object in any rule.