If you’ve forgotten the DS password :
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If you’ve forgotten the DS password :


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PolicyCenter PolicyCenter



Forgot Your Directory Server Password?



If you forget your Directory Server password for PolicyCenter, do the following:
   1. Run the Directory Server Console program.
      (Start > Programs > SunONE Server Products > SunONE Console)
   2. Provide the user ID and password. The default user ID and password are both admin.
   3. In the main Console page, expand the Server Group folder.  show screen
   4. Double-click Directory Server in the tree on the Console page. The Directory Server window will open.
   5. Click the Directory tab.  show screen
   6. Double-click the iqos folder in the directory tree on the left.  show screen
   7. Double-click pscfgw in the list on the right-hand side of the Directory page. This will open the pscfgw Edit Entry window.
   8. Set the Password field to a new password, then click OK.
   9. Access the PolicyCenter command-line interface (Start > Programs > Packeteer PolicyCenter> PolicyCenter Client).
  10. Log in to PolicyCenter with your existing user name and password, and enter any command; this causes the new directory server password to take affect.