I am unable to download the Symantec Web Filter database


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


The following error message displayed in the Event Log:

BCWF Download error: Socket Receive error



This might be an issue with the SSL Client Certificate on the ProxySG appliance.
To confirm this is the issue, download using HTTP without HTTPS for the Symantec Web Filter download link.
If this works, complete the following steps to delete the SSL key and recreate it.
Could you perform the following steps to recreate the SSL client on the ProxySG?

ProxySG4#(config ssl)view ssl-client
SSL-Client Name Keyring Name Protocol
-------------------- -------------------- ------------
default <None> SSLv2v3TLSv1

If you have an SSL client configured but the issue persists, delete and recreate the SSL client.

ProxySG4#(config ssl)delete ssl-client default
ProxySG4#(config ssl)create ssl-client default
defaulting protocol to SSLv2v3TLSv1