Verify ProxyClient web filtering is not disabled or tampered with on a client machine


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


You want to confirm web filtering feature of a ProxyClient(PxC) installed on a client machines is not disabled or tempered by the end user.


To verify active / inactive remote machines have the ProxyClient web filtering feature enabled or not, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Proxy  management console >Statistics > ProxyClient > Details > Client Details
  2. Select the tab > All
  3. There will a be view like the screen capture below which displays the list of active and inactive ProxyClients in remote machines.

if it shows a remote client has status as green checked but the web filtering is gray cross sign, the possible reasons are as follows

  1. It is possible the user is tampering, deleting or renaming the driver with the Web filter in remote machine which is installed in this location "proxyclient-install-dir\drivers\proxyclientwebfilter.sys"
  2. This can be a configuration problem. In the ProxyClient Web browser window in remote machines, click the Advanced tab and click Check for Configuration Updates Now. Afterwards check the status in proxy management console. If that does not resolve the problem check in the admin logs for driver load failure messages

In both cases, the client remote machine needs further investigation.