Upgrade Director using the Upgrade Package.
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Upgrade Director using the Upgrade Package.


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There are two methods to upgrade your Director to newer version that are USB re-image and Upgrade Package. Please check the supported upgrade path from the Release Notes before determining the upgrade method.
For example, if you would like to upgrade Director to SGME You can install the upgrade package only if you are using SGME or later. If you are using an earlier version, you must upgrade using the SGME USB image


To install the upgrade package:

1. Log in to Director using a secure shell (SSH) application.

2. At the director > prompt, enter enable.

3. If prompted, enter the enable mode password.

4. At the director # prompt, enter configure terminal.

5. At the (config) command prompt on Director, download the upgrade package using the following command:
director (config) # upgrade-package fetch url_to_upgrade_package [username username password password]
If you put the upgrade image on an external server, enter the upgrade package URL in one of the following formats:

For example:

An example of the upgrade package on an external server:

Specifying a username and password in the URL is not supported. The following messages confirm the upgrade package was fetched successfully:
Image downloaded OK.
Image verifies OK.

6. Optional—Verify the installation package (this command is useful if you did not use the upgrade-package fetch command line to copy the upgrade package to local disk).
director (config) # upgrade-package verify filename

7. Install the new Director image file you just downloaded.
director (config) # upgrade-package install filename

8. You are required to confirm the installation. During installation, your current Director configuration is saved and a message similar to the following displays:
Configuration File config- is created

9. Write down the name of this configuration file. In the event of issues after you upgrade, you can restore this configuration to recover and return Director to its pre-upgrade state. This includes restoring devices, alerts, jobs, and so on that would otherwise be deleted.

10. Verify Director booted from the correct image file by re-connecting to Director and using the show version command as follows.
Director > show version
System version:
Build number: 99635
Platform type: BCOPA
Serial number: 0000000000