Upgrading a virtualized Reporter (ISO)


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How to upgrade Reporter using RPM


Customers upgrading from releases older than need to rebuild their database using the following article TECH241737

To upgrade the virtualized Reporter 9.x to the latest version, from the Downloads tab on support.symantec.com you need to get the Linux64RPM. Place it on a local server or copy it to the Reporter server via FTP or SCP. then use the following setps to upgrade Reporte


For the purposes of this example Reporter_9.4.2.6_136573_linux64.rpm was used:

  1. Download the RPM package to Reporter tmp directory
    cd /tmp
    curl -k -O http://localserver/Reporter_9.4.2.6_136573_linux64.rpm
  2. Perform the upgrade with the following command
    rpm -U Reporter_9.4.2.6_136573_linux64.rpm

NOTE: This action stops Reporter, performs the upgrade and restarts it. After the upgrade is complete, you can log in using the GUI.