How to troubleshoot jar file download issues with Director
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How to troubleshoot jar file download issues with Director


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An error message appears in Director, when managing a ProxySG appliance. The error occurs when you right-click the ProxySG name and click Configure. The error can occur also during VPM load issues when you are modifying the ProxySG.


Director manages devices by download 4 jar files.The jar file names are:

  • vpmhelp.jar
  • VPM.jar
  • applets.jar
  • sgcommon.jar

 Each jar file is required while managing ProxySGs via Director. If any of the jar files fail to download from the ProxySG, errors are generated:

  • Could not launch <itemname>
  • VPM failed to download

NOTE: If VPM.jar or vpmhelp.jar do not download properly, this causes VPM load errors as shown in the following example: 


To find the jar files that did not download 

  • Go to the DMC log.  Search for ".jar" and see the search produces any failures. 

To troubleshoot, you need to find out whether either of the following two things are occurring:

  • Director cannot download the .jar files.
  • ProxySG is not providing the .jar files.

To test which of the above is occurring 

1. Test if Director can download the jar files by dropping into the shell and see if you can manually download the jar files using curl. The command appears like the following example, but you will need to modify the command for your environment.

"curl –k https://ip-of-sg:8082/Secure/Local/console/r141241/VPM.jar --user username>/tmp/VPM.jar"

To modify the curl command

  1. Add the ProxySG's IP address.
  2. Depending on the version of SGOS loaded, modify the r141241 number.
  3. Right-click the ProxySG and click Configure.
  4. Browse to the  SGJars folder (under bluecoat where the dmc log resides) to view the folders that exist there.

NOTE: If multiple folders exist that begin with "r", delete them all.

  1. Right-click the ProxySG and click Configure again to see the exact "r" number.
  2. Copy the number and place it in the command shown above and enter the command into the shell of Director.

NOTE: Remember to test all 4 jar files and not just one. If this fails, find out why. Is it network related or anything else?

2. Test if the client machine is able to download the jar files. Copy the https path that ends with VPM.jar and then paste that in a browser on the client machine. Doing this lets you know whether the client machine has the ability to download the jar files. If the https path (ending in .jar) does not paste correctly, then it is likely that the ProxySG is having problems or your network does not permit jar files to be downloaded.

3. Test curl from the client machine. Using curl on the client machine, are you able to download the jar files? You may need a tool like cygwin to get to a linux command prompt on a windows machine. However, If you use cygwin and run the curl command successfully, then the problem is that the ProxySG is not providing the .jar files.

4. To ensure that the problem lies with the ProxySG or your network, run the curl command from a pc that's on the same subnet as Director. If you cannot download the jar files to a different pc on the same subnet, then the problem is either network or ProxySG related. However, if you can download the jar files on a pc on the same subnet as Director, this confims that the problem is with Director.

NOTE: You can change the IP Address of Director. If changing the IP Address hellps, then the problem could be Port or IP Address related.


One general recommendation is to make sure both physical network jacks are not being used or plugged into the Director.  Only have Interface 0 plugged in.