Troubleshooting RTMP / Flash video streaming issues


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


Using proxySG , ASG, SWG VA

  1. Flash video streaming is not working through the proxy. It's trying to load for a while and showed error "server not found" or "connection timed out"
  2. In a explicit proxy deployment (using Load Balancer IP, proxy IP , proxy host name or PAC file under browser proxy settings) RTMP / flash videos are not working.



In explicit deployment first we need to identify that , Flash traffic is passing through the proxy. Recent trends shows that , In explicit deployment web sites having embedded flash streaming videos don't take the proxy Configuration /PAC file settings configured on the browser. It always tries to connect directly over default gateway (setting on the client workstation)

The easiest way to isolate this problem is to take a packet capture on the client work station where the video is failed to load and follow the traffic over port 1935.

If it is passing through the proxy then the packet capture will appear like below . It will communicate through the explicit HTTP port of the proxySG

in this example destination url used . Client IP: . Proxy IP:

If it's not taking the proxy the packet capture will show its taking the default gateway settings on the client workstation and getting blocked on the firewall. display filter "tcp.port==1935" will show that.

One of the feasible options to solve this problem would be open port 1935 and destination IP on firewall. (If it's not a random IP)


In transparent deployment  with (WCCP / inline transparent / policy based routing) first we have to intercept the port 1935 under management console --> service --> proxy service --> RTMP as intercepted.

If the video is not playable with HTTP handoff enabled under Configuration --> Proxy Settings -> Streaming proxies-> Flash . Try again by unchecking Enable HTTP handoff option. if video still not loading, use the destination IP(where the flash content is hosted) under Configuration--> Service - > proxy services --> static bypass OR one single client IP as static bypass for all destinations.

  If the video starts loading please call at bluecoat support for further troubleshooting