How to troubleshooting for cannot add or remove configuration on BlueCoatSG (corrupt registry problem)?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


If the ProxySG won't accept any specific configuration from Web management console or Command line, or cannot remove configuration settings, it could be that it is a corrupt registry on configuration file. We would need a registry XML file at the time the problem occurs to troubleshoot the problem.

Here are the steps for collecting the registry XML file.

  1. Save current registry XML file (https://<SG-IP>:8082/registry/registry.xml).
  2. Modify the SG setting to reproduce the problem.
  3. Save the latest registry XML file (https://<SG-IP>:8082/registry/registry.xml) again.
  4. Save the latest Sysinfo and Eventlog after your operation
    Sysinfo obtained from  : https://<SG-IP>:8082/sysinfo
    Eventlog obtained from : https://<SG-IP>:8082/eventlog/statistics
  5. Upload to BlueCoat support:
    • two sets of registry XML files,
    • the Sysinfo and Eventlog files, and
    • a description of the setting change in Step 2.