How to use an uninstall password with Mac client
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How to use an uninstall password with Mac client


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This document describes how to install the Mac client with an uninstall password and then how to uninstall the client using that same password.


Install the Mac client and set an uninstall password using the following syntax from a terminal.  In order to define the uninstall password this must be done from a terminal.

open /<path to client installer>/Install\ ThreatPulse\ Client\ --args -sup password

it is a double dash before args and a single dash before sup.  The word password used in the example above will be the password you desire to use.


In order to uninstall the client when a password has been specified during install you will need to type the following from a terminal:

open /Library/Application\ Support/Blue\ Coat\ Systems/ --args -sup password