How to set up Bloomberg client with authentication
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How to set up Bloomberg client with authentication


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


How do I set up Bloomberg client (Bloomberg Professional Trial Account)?

Authenticating Bloomberg client using SOCKS Authentication. 

Install and setup Bloomberg client using SOCKS version 5 Authentication. 


Make sure that the Bloomberg client is configured as follows:

 This is all you need to do on the Bloomberg client.

ProxySG Configuration

  1. In the Management Console, select Configuration > Services > Proxy Services > Socks and set intercept on port 1080 (explicit).
  2. Leave the Socks Proxy settings at default (Configuration > Proxy Settings > Socks Proxy).
  3. In the VPM, create a Web Access layer and name it something like Bloombery Web Access. Create the following rules:
    Source ANY, Destination ANY, Service TCP tunneling over SOCKS, Action ALLOW
    Source ANY, Destination ANY, Service ALL SOCKS, Action ALLOW

  4. This ia an optional step ( SOCKS compression may need to be disabled in some cases. The CPL policy should include the line socks.accelerate (no).) In the policy file, insert the following code:
    • Please refer to the CMG for further guidance and explanation of SOCKS configuration
  5. Set up a Web Authentication layer with rule 1 set to the following object as pictured below:

  1. Next create a SOCKS Authentication layer as pictured below:-

  1. Create object to authenticate the user against their authentication Realm