How to search for policy in Management Center
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How to search for policy in Management Center


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Search policy in Management Center using keywords. When you perform the keyword search, the system looks for the exact term in the following areas:

  • content policy language (CPL) 
  • policy object names
  • policy section names
  • policy metadata, including the username and comments
  • previous versions of policy

 In most cases, searching for keywords should return appropriate results; however, if you find that certain searches do not return expected results, keep in mind the following:

  • Entering terms separated by a space denotes searching for all terms in conjunction (like an AND operation). To search for an exact phrase that contains spaces, enclose the entire phrase in quotation marks (" ").
  • Some characters act as delimiters. Examples of these characters are the colon (:)  and angle brackets (< >),To search for keywords that contain such characters, enclose them in quotation marks. If a keyword is contained within delimiters in the CPL, enter the keyword as is.
  • Use the asterisk (*)  to perform a wildcard search.
    NOTE: The search automatically appends an asterisk to the end of every search term; for example, entering *caching results in a search for *caching*.

 Refer to the following examples to understand how keyword search works in Management Center. The following table provides policy samples, and for each sample, a list of keywords that match (will find the policy) and don't match (will not find the policy).

Policy sample Example keywords that match Example keywords that don't match

     url.domain = deny

Multiple terms separated by a space:

  • deny
  • url.domain deny

Wildcard searches:

  • *com
  • *url

 Keyword containing angle brackets:

  • <proxy>

Workaround:  Enter the keyword without angle brackets:

  • proxy
<proxy BC_SafeSearch_altavista_Cookies> 
    request.header.cookie="AV_PG.*AV_ALL" action.BC_SafeSearch_AltaVista_Cookies_PG_ALL(yes) 
    request.header.cookie="AV_ALL.*AV_PG" action.BC_SafeSearch_AltaVista_Cookies_ALL_PG(yes) 
    request.header.cookie="AV_ALL" action.BC_SafeSearch_AltaVista_Cookies_ALL(yes) 
    request.header.cookie="AV_PG" action.BC_SafeSearch_AltaVista_Cookies_PG(yes) 

Simple keywords:

  • proxy
  • altavista
  • cookie
  • request
  • url


Partial strings:

  • host
  • header
  • substring

Workaround:  Use a wildcard search:

  • *host
  • *header
  • *substring
    client.address=2000:1:0:1:10:168:10:35 allow

Multiple terms separated by a space:

  • allow client.address
  • proxy allow

Keyword containing colons:

  • 2000:1:0:1:10:168:10:35

Workaround:  Enclose the keyword within quotation marks:

  • "2000:1:0:1:10:168:10:35"

Partial string containing colons:

  •  2000:1

Workaround:  Enclose the keyword within quotation marks:

  • "2000:1"

Note: In this example, you would find all strings containing 2000:1, not just strings that start with 2000:1.



Additional Information

For more information on policy in Management Center, refer to the Management Center Solutions Webguide.