How to restore a failed/replaced ProxySG using Director appliance's Backup Manager


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What steps are required to restore a ProxySG appliance after it has been replaced by another unit?


Note:  Please keep in mind that if hardware or software versions are different, there could be errors encountered in the restore procedure.

Step 1:   Make sure the version of SGOS on the new appliance is the same as the old appliance.

Step 2:  Configure the same IP address on the new ProxySG as the old appliance.

Step 3:  Log in to the Director appliance, and click the Configure tab.  You should notice under Device Summary that the device is in a disconnected state.

Step 4:  Right-click the disconnected ProxySG and update the password and click Reconnect.  You can also just set the same password on the new SG as the old and just click Reconnect.

Step 5:  Once the ProxySG is connected, click Launch Backup Manager.

Step 6:  Select a restore point and click Restore.

Please read TECH243189 to see what parts of the ProxySG configuration are not backed up when performing configuration backup through Director's Backup Manager.