How to show Anti Virus vendor's exception page on Proxy SG.


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Besides the widely used default patience page on ProxySG, vendors "virus found" page also can be used.

One option needs to be check to enable this feature.

- Proxy SG Management Console - Configuration External Services - ICAP
- ICAP Services - Select the ICAP Service - EDIT
- Check "Use vendor's "virus found" page. Refer to below screen shot:

Below is an example:

Settings on Proxy AV:

- Proxy AV Management Console - Antivirus - Scanning Behavior - Policies for Antivirus exceptions
- All options selected. Refer to below screen shot.

Test by downloading files larger that is set at "Maximum individual file size".

The exception page shown:

ICAP Error (icap_error)

An error occurred while performing an ICAP operation: Maximum file size exceeded; File: CpWzPrM.exe; Sub File: No file name available; Vendor: Kaspersky Labs; Engine error code: 0x00000000; Engine version:; Pattern version: 090924.072100.2897648; Pattern date: 2009.09.24 07:21:00

There could be a network problem, the ICAP service may be misconfigured, or the ICAP server may have reported an error.

For assistance, contact your network support team.