How to setup bidirectional ADN deployment using WCCP with reflect client IP


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Bi-directional ADN Deployment Using WCCP with Reflect Client IP (Sample Configuration)
In this sample configuration, a customer needs to install a ProxySG at their branch and core sites for WAN optimization. Both sites will act as an ADN Concentrator peer and as an ADN Branch peer. This means the ProxySGs will act as a Branch peer to intercept client application traffic for optimization and will also acts as a Concentrator peer to accept the acceleration tunnel connection from the Branch peer. The customer needs to use WCCP redirection access-lists to restrict transparent interception during proof of concept or pilot testing to a limited set of hosts and/or applications. The customer needs to accelerate only HTTP and CIFS traffic bi-directionally between the branch and core locations. Also, the customer needs to reflect the client IP addresses because of NetFlow logging, firewall policies and security requirements.

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