How to restore system defaults on the ProxySG appliance


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


This article describes methods of restoring default settings on the ProxySG appliance.



Method 1 - Restore Factory Defaults (CLI)

Restore defaults through the command line interface (CLI) to reset all system settings, including the setup console password. Use the following CLI command:

#restore-defaults factory-defaults

Method 2 - Restore Defaults and Keep Console Settings (Management Console)

​Restore defaults, while keeping some console settings, through the Management Console. This method executes the #restore-defaults keep-console command described in Method 3.

The following settings are retained using this method:

  • IP interface settings, including VLAN configuration
  • Default gateway and static routing configuration
  • Virtual IP address configuration
  • Bridging settings
  • Failover group settings
  • Settings for all consoles (Telnet, SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS), whether they are enabled, disabled, or deleted

Note: DNS settings are not retained.

Administrative access settings retained using this option include:

  • Console username and password
  • Front panel PIN
  • Console enable password
  • SSH host keys
  • Keyrings used by secure console services
  • RIP configurations

​To restore defaults, while keeping some console settings:

  1. In the ProxySG Management Console, select Maintenance > Systems and Disks > Tasks.
  2. Click Restore.

Method 3 - Restore Defaults and Keep Console Settings (CLI)

 This method restores defaults and keeps the same settings as in Method 2. 

​Restore defaults, while keeping some console settings, through the CLI. Use the following CLI command:

#restore-defaults keep-console


Method 4 - Reinitialize the box

  1. To do so the system will need to have a console connection and the system will have to be powered off and back on.
  2. During boot the system will get to a point that it will list the images that are available and give a count down to boot
  3. press the space bar to halt the reboot
  4. Then press small r to start the reinitialize (this will completely wipe the device's HHD and then reload the operating system).