Procedure to perform software upgrade on PacketShaper S-Series


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PacketShaper S-Series


To perform software upgrade on PacketShaper S-Series


1. Log in to to download the software image for PacketShaper S-Series. 

2. Select Network Protection (Bluecoat) Downloads

3. From My Products, choose PacketShaper S-Series

4. Downloaded software image file with <Build>

- Example: "ps_11_1_xx-aetg-142309.bcsi" 

5. Upload the image file to PacketShaper 9.258/image/ directory.

6. SSH or console connect to the PacketShaper CLI.

7. Change directory to 9.258/ and then go to the image directory.

8. Perform "ls" and make sure the new software image file is listed.

9. Issue command setup image add file://ps_11_1_xx-aetg-142309.bcsi 

10. Issue command setup image show and ensure that ps_11_1_xx-aetg-142309.bcsi is marked as active with (A) beside the image build number.

11. Perform a reboot of PacketShaper by issuing the reset command.

12. Next, perform me reset to load the new measurement variables for this latest PacketShaper S-Series image.

The PacketShaper should boot up with the new software image and with new measurement variables.