How to prompt users to re-authenticate on exceptions
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How to prompt users to re-authenticate on exceptions


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


In the ProxySG appliance Active Directory domain, users can be forced to re-enter the credentials when an exception occurs. This generates a pop-up on the browser (even if the user is previously authenticated) to re-enter the domain credentials. Users may enter a different domain credential at this point.

Do the following to allow users to re-authenticate, for example, while policy is blocking 

Note:  An authentication policy (for example, using the web authentication layer) must be configured to test the following policy.

  1. In the Management Console, select Configuration > Policy > Visual Policy Manager. Click Launch.
  2. In the Web Access Layer, in the Destination column, right click and select Set. Select New > Destination Host/Port.
  3. Add for the Host and click Add > OK.
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  4. In the Action column, right click and select Set . Select New >  Return Exception
  5. Select a built-in or user-defined exception as required.
  6. Select Allow re-authentication, and then click OK > OK.
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  7. Click Install to install the policy. 
  8. Test the policy: use any browser make a request on
    The expected outcome is that the user sees an authentication prompt to re-enter credentials.