How to manage authenticated user log outs.
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How to manage authenticated user log outs.


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Policy has three properties and three conditions to manage user logouts. These properties and conditions can be used to dynamically log out users. For example, you can create a logout link for users.

New Properties

Policy has three properties for logging out users.

This property logs out the user referenced by the current transaction.

If a user is logged in at more than one IP address, this property logs the user out from all IP addresses except the current IP address.

If more than one user is logged in at the IP address of the current transaction, this property logs out all users from the current IP address except the current user.

New Conditions

Several conditions support different logout policies.

This condition matches the number of times that a specific user is logged in with the current realm. You can use this condition to ensure that a user can be logged in only at one workstation. If the condition is combined with the user.login.log_out_other property, old login sessions on other workstations are automatically logged out.

This condition matches the number of different users who are logged into the current IP address, and you can use it to limit the user number.

This condition matches the number of seconds since the current login started, and you can use it to limit the length of a login session.


Example local policy to implement this.

To access the local policy settings, on the ProxySG Management Console->Configuration->Policy->Policy Files->Local Policy->Text editor->Install

user.login.count=2 user.login.log_out_other(yes)

Note: Log out the other logins of a user if the user is logged in more than once

user.login.time=3600 user.login.log_out(yes)

Note: Log out the user if the user has been logged in for more than one hour.