How to install backup Configuration onto Cacheflow Device?
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How to install backup Configuration onto Cacheflow Device?


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CacheFlow Appliance Software


 Once a backup of the CacheFlow configuration has been performed, this can be re-installed onto a new Cacheflow device via the following instructions.


When the file is uploaded from the CacheFlow device to required server, simply open this file in a text editor (File will have ".config" extension and include the Serial Number of the device to identify it).


Open a SSH or Serial Console connection to the device you wish to install the configuration to. Log into the device and enter the configuration terminal mode


Enable Password:

CF-3x#config t

Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CTRL-Z.



At this point simply copy the entire ouput of the configuration backup file (example filename being "CF_150_1118103351.config")


Paste the output into the CLI at the configuration terminal prompt


CF-3x#(config) <Paste output here>


It will then paste ALL of the configuration onto the new device


*NOTE* This includes ALL network settings and passwords, however passwords will be encrypted so should be re-entered in plain text.