Finding OIDs for Edge Secure Web Gateway (formly ProxySG)
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Finding OIDs for Edge Secure Web Gateway (formly ProxySG)


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ProxySG Software - SGOS ASG-S500


Using the ProxySG appliance and requests the method to extract OID information of the ProxySG.


The best place to get the actual OID¹s is to read the MIB files.  Download a MIB browser from the available Internet resources to read the MIB files. 


The example shown below is iReasoning MIB browser:

  1. Download and Install iReasoning MIB Browser (
  2. File > Load MIBs: Select the MIBs files you need
    1. Address: Your Proxy IP address
    2. Advance: Specify the Read Community, Write Community, and SNMP Version according to your ProxySG setting

                            To find the SNMP Community, log into Proxy's CLI terminal:  

                                        Blue Coat SG-VA Series# show snmp

                    3. Operation: Walk



Search for the names from the listed MIB Tree, and the OID will be shown in the table. For example:

SGOSV4:  memPressureValue - OIDs: (systemResourceMIB)