Enabling Bridging Loop Detection
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Enabling Bridging Loop Detection


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Starting in SGOS 5.x, bridging now supports the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). STP is a link management protocol that prevents bridge loops in a network that has redundant paths that can cause packets to be bridged infinitely without ever being removed from the network.

STP ensures that a bridge, when faced with multiple paths, uses a path that is loop-free. If that path fails, the algorithm recalculates the network and finds another loop-free path.


The administrator can enable or disable spanning tree participation for the interface.

Enabling spanning tree participation:

   1. Go into the Management Console (https://<ip.address.of.proxysg>:8082/ )  Select Configuration > Network > Adapters > Bridges.
   2. Select the desired bridge.
   3. Click Edit.
   4. In the Edit Bridge window, highlight the interface you want to configure and click Edit. The Edit Bridge Interface dialog displays.
   5. Click Enable Spanning Tree.
   6. Click OK to close the Edit Bridge Interface and Edit Bridge windows.
   7. Select Apply to commit the changes to the SG appliance.

Related CLI Syntax to Enable Spanning Tree Participation

ProxySG >enable
Enable Password:
ProxySG #config t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CTRL-Z.
ProxySG #(config)bridge
ProxySG #(config bridge)edit <bridge_name>
ProxySG #(config bridge passthru-0)spanning-tree <adapter #:interface #> <enable|disable>