How to create or edit Management console port or services through CLI.
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How to create or edit Management console port or services through CLI.


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The Management console port or services can be managed through CLI in following manner.

Login into the SG and enter the configure mode

Blue Coat SG210 Series#config terminal

Blue Coat SG210 Series#(config)management-services

Blue Coat SG210 Series#(config management-services)view


This will show the list of existing services, their staus and the ports on which they are running. A sample for HTTPS-Console is shown below.


Service Name:   HTTPS-Console

Service:        HTTPS-Console

Keyring:        55

SSL Protocol version: SSLv2v3TLSv1

Cipher Suite: rc4-md5 rc4-sha des-cbc3-sha des-cbc3-md5 rc2-cbc-md5 rc4-64-md5 d

es-cbc-sha des-cbc-md5 exp1024-rc4-md5 exp1024-rc4-sha exp1024-rc2-cbc-md5 exp10

24-des-cbc-sha exp-rc4-md5 exp-rc2-cbc-md5 exp-des-cbc-sha aes128-sha aes256-sha

Destination IP    Port Range

<All>             8082              Enabled


Now one can also create new service or delete an existing one.

In order to make changes within a specific service go into the edit mode for that particulare service.


      Blue Coat SG210 Series#(config management-services)edit https-console


Here one can define a IP Address/Port that this service will run and enable or disable the service as well.


      Blue Coat SG210 Series#(config HTTPS-Console)enable all 8082


At any point in the CLI enter ?  to get more help with commands

All this thing can be managed in GUI by going to Configuration > Services > Management Service.