How to disable prefetching for certain URL?
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How to disable prefetching for certain URL?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


By default, the ProxySG appliance attempts to pre-fetch (also known as Pipelining)  content for URLs users request. In some cases, this happens before the website in question can perform additional tasks, (such as authentication or other user identification) the actual request may fail.




To avoid issues with Pipelining, you can create a Cache layer or Web Content layer rule to use the action Disable Pipelining. Steps for this are below.

  1. Launch the Visual Policy Manager, (VPM).
  2. From the policy menu, click Add new Web Content layer.
  3. In the new layer's only rule, right-click the destination field.
  4. Click Set > New Request URL.
  5. Enter the URL for the site in question and click OK to set this as the rule's destination.
  6. Right-click the action field and select Disable Pipelining.
  7. Click install policy to commit this change.