How to deny downloading or uploading of email(webmail) attachments
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How to deny downloading or uploading of email(webmail) attachments


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How do I deny downloading or uploading email attachments from webmail services, such as gmail or hotmail?


In order to block uploading and/or downloading of webmail attachments, use a combined object with Request URL Category(Email) and Request URL Operation (Down/Upload attachement).  URL Operation policy is available in SGOS 6.2 and above.

1. From VPM, open a Web Access Layer and add a rule.

  • Right-click Destination and click Set -> New -> Combined Destination Object

2. From the Combined Destination Object, create a Request URL Category.

  • Click New -> Request URL Category -> select Email under Blue Coat Category -> click OK

3. From the same Combined Destination Object, add a new Request Web Operation Control.

  • Click New -> Request URL Operation -> select “Download …” and “Upload …” items from the listed operations -> Click OK

4. Add the two objects with AND operation.

  • Select the first object and click Add button to upper object list box.
  • Select the second object and click Add button to lower object list box.

5. Set action to Deny.

6. Install the policy.

NOTE: Webmail services use SSL(HTTPS) for the email service. Hense, SSL interception will be required to apply this policy.

If you find any other webmail service that this policy doesn't work, please review 000008166