Collect troubleshooting data for an issue with WCCP


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When troubleshooting WCCP issues it is helpful to obtain the configuration information from the proxy and also specific information from the WCCP router.  If you are experiencing a WCCP issue the following information will be needed:


Policy Trace

Packet Capture

Output of WCCP commands



  1.    Attach the sysinfo, policy trace and packet capture per the following documentation:
             What are the different files required by Symantec technical support and when to upload them?
  2.    The type of packet capture that is run will depend on the type of WCCP forwarding that you are doing.  If your forwarding type is L2 you can run a normal packet capture.
       If the forwarding type is GRE, you will need to use the GRE calculator to build your filter:​
        How do I filter a packet capture on a WCCP GRE encapsulated IP address in ProxySG?
  3.    The output from the following commands when issued on your router (when WCCP is active):
  •      #sho ver
  •      #sho conf
  •      #sho ip wccp
  •      #show ip wccp web-cache detail
  •      #show ip wccp web-cache view
  •      #display WCCP events

Why this data needs to be gathered

The sysinfo contains policy, configuration (including WCCP settings), and detailed statistics.  The packet capture will show WCCP connection messages between the ProxySG and the router in question, and the router commands show the various configuration and statistical data from the router.  All are useful in finding inconsistencies and problems.