How to create and upload Director's archive to an external server?
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How to create and upload Director's archive to an external server?


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We can backup Director configuration and system data then upload it to a secure location for archival purposes.


To create a configuration job to archive Director and upload the archive to an external server:

1. Start the Management Console.

2. Click the Jobs tab.

3. On the Jobs tab page, in the Job Library section, from the Show list, click either Config Jobs or All.

4. Click New > New Job > Config. The Create New Job dialog box displays.

5. In the Create New Job dialog box, on the Properties tab page, enter a name to identify the job in the Job Name field.

6. Enter a unique job identifier in the Job ID field.

7. Make sure the Enabled check box is selected.

8. Click the Actions tab.

9. On the Actions tab page, click New.

10. From the Actions list in the right pane, click Create and Upload Archive. The Actions tab page displays as follows.

11. Enter the following information:

12. Examine the options you entered and the field in the Actions tab page to make sure everything is correct. An example follows.

13. When the options are set the way you want, click Apply.

14. Optionally set up a schedule for the job. Click the Schedule tab.

15. In the Create a new Job dialog box, click OK.

16. To execute the job immediately, select the name of the job in the Job Library section of the Jobs tab page and click Execute.

17. To verify the job succeeded, either check the external server to make sure the archive was created or click the name of the job and view its status in the Description pane.