How to configure email (SMTP) server on Reporter?
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How to configure email (SMTP) server on Reporter?


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In order to allow users to send reports via email or send alerts when system resources reach a specific threshold, it is required to configure reporter to communicate with your internal mail server.


The steps to configure email server are described below:

1. Login to Reporter as an administrator and select the administration page.

2. Under the General Setttings tab, go to Reporter Settings > System Settings > External Servers > Email.

3. In the right session, provide the following information:

  • SMTP server host name or IP address.
  • Email address to use in the From field.
  • SMTP server authentication credentials.

4. You can also enter settings for the backup SMTP server if it is available in your network. The backup server is used when the primary server is not available.

5. Click Save.