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Disable Singup Button in API Portal Home Page


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CA API Developer Portal CA API Gateway


How to disable Signup button in API Portal Home Page


Gateway 9.2Portal 3.5


The following steps would help you to disable the signup button. 

Remove the signup link on the portal by editing the display.xsl file in the AuthenticatedUser module: 

Workspace --> Content Items --> 
/SYSTEM/conf/sitebuilder/packages/layer7/modules/AuthenticatedUser/xsl/display.xsl for the <xsl:template match="LRSDeveloper[contains(@displayHint,'welcome-area')]"> template. The following section of display.xsl needs to be commented out: 

| <a href="{$path_to_top}/register" class="signup lightbox" >Signup</a> 

In other words, change it to this: 

<!-- | <a href="{$path_to_top}/register" class="signup lightbox" >Signup</a> -->