Constraint with groups
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Constraint with groups


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I found the following behavior:

1) I have two groups: group1 and group2

2) I created a Data Partition with the following constraint:

Call_Req, View, NOT(group.last_name IN('group1'))

and attached it to a contact.

3) I created 3 requests:

CR1 with group1 attached

CR2 with group2 attached

CR3 with no group attached.

4) If now the contact with the new DP attached searches for requests I would expect to see CR2 and CR3. CR1 is not visible due the restriction. But the contact sees only CR2.

CR3 with the empty group is not visible. Is this by design?


CA Service Desk Manager 12.9CA Service Desk Manager 14.1CA Service Desk Manager 17.0


This is by design.

To get also the request which do not have a group attached, you must add the following to the constraint: 

OR group is null

So the whole constraint looks like:


NOT(group.last_name IN('group1')) OR group is null