How many BCAAA processes are started when ProxySGs connect to it ?
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How many BCAAA processes are started when ProxySGs connect to it ?


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When BCAAA starts, the following processes are created :

bcaaa.exe: This is the service process that is started by the Windows Service Control Manager. This process listens for new SG connections.

bcaaa-xxx.exe: When BCAAA is started and before any SGs connect, a single instance of bcaaa-xxx.exe is created to handle Windows SSO and Novell SSO requests. This process will be created even if you have not configured any SSO realms. If SSO has not been configured, then this process remains idle and uses very few system resources.

Additional bcaaa-xxx.exe processes are created as SGs connect to BCAAA. One bcaaa-xxx.exe process will be created per realm per SG. (IE: If you had three SGs that each had three IWA realms, then nine additional instances of bcaaa-xxx.exe would be created).

SSO realms are the only exception to the above rule. One instance of bcaaa-xxx.exe handles authentication for all the SSO realms. This is because these realms must query Windows or Novell servers for SSO data, and using a single instance of this process allows the SSO data to be queried once and shared among multiple realms.


Note : bcaaa-xxx.exe refers to bcaaa-110.exe, bcaaa-120.exe, bcaaa-130.exe, etc.