How large can my CPL policy be?
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How large can my CPL policy be?


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How large can my CPL policy be?
Are there any limitations to the size of my CPL policy?
You want to know if there any limitation to the physical size of a CPL policy


The size of the policy file depends upon the amount of memory installed in the ProxySG. If your policy is too large you will, in theory, run out of memory during policy compilation. CPL files up to 50MB have been tested on high-end ProxySGs with no problems. In practice, our customers rarely require a CPL file larger than 1MB, and if you need a policy with this many rules, then you likely have a large, complex network with a lot of traffic. The ProxySG required in such networks would be on the higher end of our offerings and as a result should be able to handle rather large CPL files. So policy size is typically not a limiting factor.