How do I view advanced access logging statistics on the ProxySG?
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How do I view advanced access logging statistics on the ProxySG?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


I am having problems with my ProxySG
How can I view access logging statistics to search for the problems?
How do I view advanced access logging statistics?


Access-log statistics can be viewed from the ProxySG's Management Console via the Statistics > Access Logging tab, or via the command line interface (CLI) using:

"show access-log statistics [log_name]"

You can also view Advanced statistics by navigating to Statistics > Advanced and clicking on "Access Log".  The advanced statistics cannot be viewed using the CLI.

Statistics that can view from the advanced screen are:

Show access log statistics: this shows the statistics of an individual access log.

Show last N bytes in the log: this shows only the last N bytes of the log - good for honing in on the last error messages.

Show last part of log every time it changes: A stream of latest log entries is shown as they are written to the system.

Show all access log objects: statistics of all acccess log objects are displayed in a single list.

Show access log objects: statistics from an individual log are shown.

Show access log tail with optional refresh time: a refresh from the browser displays the latest log entries.

Show list of all logs.

Show statistics of all logs.