How to recreate a Default bucket on the PacketShaper
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How to recreate a Default bucket on the PacketShaper


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If you accidentally delete a Default class under a parent class, there are two ways you can recreate the Default class for this parent.


Option 1: Delete the parent class

You can delete the parent class (and its children classes) and recreate the classes from scratch. As soon as you create the first child class, the Default bucket will be recreated automatically.

You can delete and add classes using the browser or command-line interface.

Option 2: Add the Default class

This method can be done only in the command-line interface.

To manually reinsert the Default child class, access the CLI and use the following command: 
class new /parent_name Default all 
Where parent_name is the name of the parent class to which you add the Default bucket.

If the command does not respond with the "Traffic class Default created" message, there was a class creation error.

Check for conflicting class definitions and try again.

Note: You will not be able to delete the /Inbound/Default and /Outbound/Default classes.