How do I remove an ACL list from my ProxyAV?
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How do I remove an ACL list from my ProxyAV?


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ProxyAV Software - AVOS


While creating Access Control Lists (ACL) on my Proxy AV appliance I accidentally locked myself out.


To remove an ACL from the ProxyAV appliance you must obtain serial access to the device. You will need a standard null modem cable and a serial emulator such as Putty or HyperTerminal.

If you have secured the serial console, you must enter the password to gain access the appliance. If you do not remember the password, you must RMA the appliance.

After you connect to the ProxyAV appliance, hit <ENTER> three times and the initial configuration menu displays. Select "Setup Console".

Once in the setup console just hit <ENTER> to accept the defaults for all the questions. Note: Your configured  IP addresses, passwords, etc will remain unchanged.

Blue Coat recommends that you do not secure the serial console.

On page 3 of 4 in the setup console, the following screen displays:

 ---------------------- (page 3 of 4) ---------------------

    Press <ESC> at any time to return to the main menu
    This dialog allows you to define the only IP address that
    is authorized to use the console account.
    Additional workstations may be configured later,
    from the Web interface.
    By accepting default value, you will delete any IP address
Would you like to restrict access to an authorized workstation? Y/N [Yes]:Yes
Authorized workstation []:
You will want to answer "Yes" to the question and then press <ENTER> By keeping the IP address for the Authorized workstation you will DELETE all ACLs from the device and allow access again.