How do I order my Columns in Reporter?
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How do I order my Columns in Reporter?


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 How do I order colons on a Full Log Detail Report?

How do I order my report against date and time?

How do I order my report against Usernames, Categories, page Views or Browse Time?

When I add a client IP to my Full Log detail report,  I notice that the exported  CSV Report  doesn't have the rows in consecutive order. Why is this so?


Bluecoat Reporter can order it's  Report against any column, on most reports, but not on a Full Log detail Report.   This report should be in consecutive order on both the HTML screen, and the PDF, but  on a exported CSV , we expect you can order it by any column you wish  using your favorite Spread Sheet application.

To explain how,  we'll use the Web Browsing per User report:

Follow these Steps:

1: Log into Reporter as the user you need to run the report  from.

2: From the Dashboard  of your selected database, run the "Web Browsing per User"  report.

3: At the top this report, you'll notice a bar running from left to right.  It's just under the graph.

4: Click on any Column to order the report against that value. For example, if you click on  "Browse time"  you'll see the report order itself against that value with the highest value being first.

5: Clicking on this same Column again will show the report change to having the lowest value at the top row.


NOTE: To add, or subtract , data to this report, right click on this same column.