DC970012 CADDSPL Spool Interface Inactive or DC970012 No Records, Possible Empty LDS messages in the CA Dispatch logs
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DC970012 CADDSPL Spool Interface Inactive or DC970012 No Records, Possible Empty LDS messages in the CA Dispatch logs


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You are attempting to start the CA Dispatch subtasks and are seeing "DC970012 CADDSPL Spool Interface Inactive" or DC970012 No Records, Possible Empty LDS" messages in the CA Dispatch logs.

What causes these and how can they be prevented?




DC970012 - (represents one of the following messages): 


- CADDSPL Spool Interface Inactive 

Reason: The CADDSPL started task is not executing. 

Action: Start the CADDSPL task. 


- No Records, Possible Empty LDS 

Reason: No records were found by CADDSPL. This will occur if no reports were sent to the interface. 

Action:Send report output data to the class/destination values set on screen VSGMU105. 


These errors may be received due to a simple "timing" problem and you may need to adjust your STARTUP and SHUTDOWN sequence.


Before many of the CA Dispatch subtasks can be started, the CADZSPLx and CADZSAPx tasks must be active FIRST! There must also be some REPORT or MSGCLASS data currently residing on the LDS files. This data can be either NEW data waiting to be processed by the CA Dispatch subtasks. Or, it can be data associated to what is being stored in online viewing.   


If the CADZSPLx task is not active first or there is no data in the LDS files, these as well as other types of error and abend messages will be seen in the CA Dispatch started task logs. And many of the Dispatch subtasks (RPI,MSG,RPO,ARCH) will actually abend. 


The correct STARTUP procedure would be: 

1. Start the CADZSPLx task FIRST by issuing the /S CADDSPLx command to submit the initialization routine. This routine, when successful, will automatically start the CADZSPLx and CADZSAPx tasks.

2. After the CADZSPLx task is fully active, you can then start the CA Dispatch STC and it's associated subtasks. 


The correct SHUTDOWN procedure would be: 

1. Issue the STOPCADS command to bring the CA Dispatch STC and any of it's subtasks down first. 

2. Issue the SPLx,CLOSE or SPLx,CLOSE IMM command to bring down the CADZSPLx and CADZSAPx tasks. 


As long as you ensure the proper startup and shutdown sequence is followed, you can typically avoid receiving these types of error messages. 


If these messages are being received when you are starting CA Dispatch for the first time after an upgrade, an LDS unload/reload process, or some other type of environment rebuild that required the installation of new LDS files, then these messages would be expected and normal because upon initial startup, there may not be any report or MSGCLASS data in the LDS files.


To prevent these messages from being received, ensure that:

-The appropriate /S CADDSPLx command to start the CADZSPLx and CADZSAPx environments has been issued and make sure these STC's are ACTIVE first.

-Make sure there is actually something in the LDS files for CA Dispatch to process (or already in online viewing).

-Then try restarting CA Dispatch and/or the applicable CA Dispatch subtasks which include RPI, MSG, RPO and ARCH.