How do I get an ISP image for my PacketShaper 12000?
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How do I get an ISP image for my PacketShaper 12000?


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The 2048-class standard image is pre-installed on the PacketShaper 12000. If you want to run the 5000-class ISP image, you need to load the ISP image as described below. (The keys needed to support the ISP image also comes preloaded.) After you install this image, the PacketShaper can have up to 5000 classes, partitions, and policies. Note that to support this increased capacity and faster performance, certain features are not included in the ISP version: compression, acceleration, response time measurement, and synthetic transactions.

To load the ISP image:

  1. Open a Telnet window and connect to your PacketShaper.
  2. At the command prompt, type:
    cd bin
    image load isp.zoo
  3. After you press Enter, you will be warned that all measurement data will be lost. Enter yes to proceed. When asked to confirm the process, press Enter.
  4. Wait several minutes for the image load/boot-up process to complete.
  5. To confirm that the ISP image is running, Telnet to the PacketShaper and type:
  6. Look for PacketShaper/ISP in the software version.

To switch between ISP and STD images, you simply have to load the proper image. The images can also be downloaded from the BTO download site.