How do I get out of safe mode?
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How do I get out of safe mode?


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The unit has a built-in safeguard that enables recovery from a corrupted software image or configuration files. When the unit detects a bad image (after repeated crashes), it reboots into safe mode. Safe mode turns shaping off and prohibits any configuration access, such as the traffic, measure, setup shaping, or class commands. Safe mode is reported in the login banner.


PacketShaper goes into safe mode if it has a corrupt configuration or image.If the problem is due to a corrupt configuration, you can fix the problem by:

  1. Change to the cfg directory on the flash drive (9.256/).
  2. Delete all the traffic.*, settings.* and config.* files.
  3. Give the reset command to reboot.

If the problem is with the image, either FTP and load a new image or try to revert back to a good image.