Enable TCP connection limits per client
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Enable TCP connection limits per client


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


This technical article provides information in how to enable TCP connection limits per client.

How do I enable TCP connection limits per client?

How do I vary the TCP connection limit for a specific client?


In order to set individual TCP limits, from the CLI run the following:

SGOS# conf t

SGOS#(config) attack-detection

SGOS#(config attack-detection) client

SGOS#(config client) enable-limits

SGOS#(config client) create

SGOS#(config client) edit

SGOS#(config client connection-limit 54



 connection-limit, Indicates the number of simultaneous TCP connections between 1 and 65534. The default is 100.

enable-limits |disable-limits, Toggles between true (enabled) and false (disabled). The default is false. This is a global setting and cannot be modified for individual clients.

attack-detection, configuration is used to control the behavior of virus infected machines behind the appliance.