How do I disable SSH v1 on a PacketShaper?
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How do I disable SSH v1 on a PacketShaper?


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How do I disable SSH v1 on a PacketShaper?
A security scan shows my PacketShaper's SSH implemtation is vulnerable
Can I use only SSH v2 on my PacketShaper


By default, the PacketShaper supports SSH v1 and SSH v2. If you are concerned about the weak security on SSH v1, you may disable it by running the following commands:

1. sys set showdebug 1
2. sys set enableSupportForSSHv1 0

To verify whether SSH v1 has been disabled on  a PacketShaper, run the following command:

'sys set enableSupportForSSHv1'.

It is disabled if the current value of system variable 'enableSupportForSSHv1' is zero as shown below.

PacketShaper# sys set enablesupportforsshv1

System values                        Current   Default   Min       Max
  enableSupportForSSHv1                0         1         0         1