Create a read-only user account for the ProxySG
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Create a read-only user account for the ProxySG


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS ISG Proxy


You need to create local Edge SWG (ProxySG) user accounts, but do not want to give them admin/write permissions.

How do I create users with read-only access to the Edge SWG (ProxySG)?


Please follow these four steps:

  1.  Create a user in CLI:
    SGOS#(config) security local-user-list create list_name
    SGOS#(config) security local-user-list edit list_name
    SGOS#(config local-user-list list_name) user create username
    SGOS#(config local-user-list list_name) user edit username
    SGOS#(config local-user-list list_name username) password password
  2. Create a Local Realm in GUI:
    1. On the Edge SWG (ProxySG), select:
    2. Configuration > Authentication > Local > New realm_name
    3. Under the Local Main tab, select list_name under Local user list from drop down menu
  3. Create an Admin Authentication Layer in the VPM:
    1. Source > Any
    2. Action > AdminAuthenticate in Local_Realm
  4. Create another Admin Access Layer in VPM:
    1. Select: Source > User, Authentication > Local_Realm
    2. Select: Service > HTTPS-Console
    3. Select: Action > Allow read-only Access