How to create a Multicast stream from the ProxySG
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How to create a Multicast stream from the ProxySG


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Create a unicast connection from the ProxySG to a live stream, and have the proxy repeat the stream using multicast into the local network.




1.  Ensure your license is valid based on the stream you are using. In this example, we will focus on Windows Media Streaming using MMS

2.  Locate the URL of the live stream. For example: mms://

3. Determine a name for the stream, in this example we will use "sky."

4. Identify a multicast IP address, a port to communicate over, and the appropriate TTL for your network.  In this example we will use IP, port 50554, and TTL 32.

5. Perform the following commands in the CLI:


    (config mode)
      streaming windows-media multicast-station sky mms:// 50554 32

6. Confirm the state as 'playing', which means the proxy is sending the multicast traffic. Use the following command in config mode:

     show streaming windows-media configuration

7.  You can also view the statistics for your connections using this command:

     show streaming windows-media statistics

8.  Connect to the nsc file on the ProxySG.  In this example the URL is http://ip.of.the.proxy/MMS/nsc/sky.nsc

9. Confirm the multicast traffic using Wireshark.

NOTE:  If you would like to stop hosting the stream on the ProxySG, enter the following command in configure mode: 

streaming windows-media no multicast-station <station name> 

In this example:

streaming windows-media no multicast-station sky